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We found 50 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word mount:
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Business dictionaries Business (1 matching dictionary)
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Computing dictionaries Computing (4 matching dictionaries)
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Medicine dictionaries Medicine (2 matching dictionaries)
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (1 matching dictionary)
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Religion dictionaries Religion (2 matching dictionaries)
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Science dictionaries Science (1 matching dictionary)
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Slang dictionaries Slang (1 matching dictionary)
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Sports dictionaries Sports (1 matching dictionary)
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Tech dictionaries Tech (4 matching dictionaries)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (mount)

noun:  mounting consisting of a piece of metal (as in a ring or other jewelry) that holds a gem in place ("The diamond was in a plain gold mount")
noun:  the act of climbing something
noun:  something forming a back that is added for strengthening
noun:  a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill
noun:  a lightweight horse kept for riding only
verb:  fix onto a backing, setting, or support ("Mount slides for macroscopic analysis")
verb:  attach to a support ("They mounted the aerator on a floating")
verb:  put up or launch ("Mount a campaign against pronography")
verb:  prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance ("Mount a theater production")
verb:  go up or advance
verb:  copulate with
verb:  get on the back of ("Mount a horse")
verb:  go upward with gradual or continuous progress
name:  A surname (rare: 1 in 33333 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #3701)

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Words similar to mount:   backing, bestride, climb, launch, mountable, mountain, mounted, mounter, mounting, ride, rise, setting, wax, ascend, climb on, climb up, get on, go up, hop on, jump on, more...

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