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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase hard-boiled cop and dolphin.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. beelzebub
2. dragon half
3. dance in the vampire bund
4. pumpkin scissors
5. ghost sweeper mikami
6. saikano
7. prophecy
8. in the heart of kunoichi tsubaki
9. teasing master takagi-san
10. boy's abyss
11. shonan junai gumi
12. kamen teacher
13. medalist
14. mou ippon!
15. tokyo daigaku monogatari
16. kemono jihen
17. mf ghost
18. takane no hana
19. toppu gp
20. spirit circle
21. satanophany
22. cage of eden
23. clean freak! aoyama-kun
24. karakuri circus
25. rent-a-girlfriend
26. bio booster armor guyver
27. blackguard
28. city hunter
29. dead mount death play
30. how do we relationship?
31. girls' last tour
32. insomniacs after school
33. neko no otera no chion-san
34. the quest for the missing girl
35. sprinter
36. azumi
37. cooking papa
38. super hxeros
39. knights of sidonia
40. jungle king tar-chan

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