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1. a ciambra
2. a cid
3. a cielo abierto
4. a cigarette-maker's romance
5. a cigarette makers romance
6. a cinch
7. a cinderella christmas
8. a cinderella story
9. a cinderella story 4
10. a cinema girl's romance
11. a cinema girls romance
12. a circia
13. a circle in the fire
14. a circle of deception
15. a circuit rider's wife
16. a circuit riders wife
17. a circumflex
18. a city by the light divided
19. a city called copenhagen
20. a city called heaven
21. a city called macau
22. a city decides
23. a city dressed in dynamite
24. a city in florida
25. a city in winter
26. a city is not a tree
27. a city of sadness
28. a city on fire
29. a civil action
30. a civil campaign
31. a civil contract


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