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101. bermuda institute of ocean sciences
102. bern university of applied sciences
103. biberach university of applied sciences
104. bielefeld university of applied sciences
105. big sciences
106. bigelow laboratory for ocean sciences
107. bio sciences
108. biological and physical sciences
109. biological sciences
110. biological sciences curriculum study
111. biomedical sciences
112. birjand university of medical sciences
113. birla institute of applied sciences
114. bit life sciences
115. board of editors in the life sciences
116. bosniak academy of sciences and arts
117. brazilian academy of sciences
118. breakthrough prize in life sciences
119. breda university of applied sciences
120. bremen university of applied sciences
121. brooklyn institute of arts and sciences
122. bulgarian academy of sciences
123. bulgarian academy of sciences and arts
124. bureau of rural sciences
125. burnett school of biomedical sciences
126. bushehr university of medical sciences
127. byu college of life sciences
128. cademy of television arts and sciences
129. california academy of sciences
130. california health sciences university
131. caliper life sciences
132. calorimetry sciences corporation
133. cambridge university moral sciences club
134. camlin fine sciences
135. canadian academy of health sciences
136. canadian journal of earth sciences
137. canadian journal of medical sciences
138. candidate of sciences
139. capital university of medical sciences
140. carbon sciences
141. carinthia university of applied sciences
142. carolinas college of health sciences
143. cellular and molecular life sciences
144. centre for excellence in basic sciences
145. centre of geographic sciences
146. centria university of applied sciences
147. charm sciences inc
148. chemical sciences
149. chicago academy of sciences
150. china social sciences press
151. chinese academy of agricultural sciences
152. chinese academy of fishery sciences
153. chinese academy of geological sciences
154. chinese academy of medical sciences
155. chinese academy of sciences
156. chinese academy of social sciences
157. chinese social sciences citation index
158. citizen sciences
159. city of arts and sciences
160. city university of applied sciences
161. ck life sciences
162. classification of the sciences
163. clinical laboratory sciences
164. coburg university of applied sciences
165. code university of applied sciences
166. cognition and brain sciences unit
167. cognitive sciences
168. coleman college for health sciences
169. collateral sciences
170. college of arts and sciences
171. college of health and sport sciences
172. college of health sciences
173. cologne university of applied sciences
174. columbian college of arts and sciences
175. commission des sciences et des arts
176. communication sciences
177. comparative sciences
178. computer sciences
179. computer sciences corporation
180. computer sciences raytheon
181. computing sciences
182. connecticut academy of arts and sciences
183. council for the mathematical sciences
184. crank sciences
185. creation sciences
186. croatian academy of sciences and arts
187. csa environmental sciences
188. cumberland college of health sciences
189. current opinion in behavioral sciences
190. cyrano sciences inc
191. czech academy of sciences
192. czech university of life sciences prague
193. czechoslovak academy of sciences
194. daejeon health sciences college
195. darmstadt university of applied sciences
196. daru journal of pharmaceutical sciences
197. dawa life sciences
198. deccan college of medical sciences
199. decision sciences
200. defense sciences office

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