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1. medically
2. medically-assisted manipulation
3. medically-induced coma
4. medically assisted death
5. medically assisted manipulation
6. medically compliant
7. medically emancipate
8. medically emancipated
9. medically evacuated
10. medically fit to dive
11. medically frail
12. medically indigent adult
13. medically indigent service program
14. medically induced
15. medically induced coma
16. medically necessary
17. medically necessary care
18. medically necessary criteria
19. medically needy individuals
20. medically significant spider bites
21. medically stable
22. medically underserved area
23. medically underserved areas
24. medically unexplained physical symptoms
25. medically unexplained symptoms
26. medically unexplained syndrome
27. medically uninsured
28. medically unlikely edit
29. medically unnecessary
30. medically yourrs


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