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1. a. f. m. entaz ali
2. a f m entaz ali
3. aadil ali
4. aamer ali
5. aamir ali
6. aayan hirsi ali
7. abbas-ali soleimani
8. abbas ali
9. abbas ali atwi
10. abbas ali baig
11. abbas ali khalatbari
12. abbas ali meerza
13. abbas ali mirza
14. abbas ali soleimani
15. abbas ibn ali
16. abd al-rahman ali al-jifri
17. abd al mumin ibn ali
18. abd al rahman ali al jifri
19. abd allah ii ibn ali abd ash shakur
20. abdallah ali mohamed
21. abdallah ibn ali
22. abdel ali zahraoui
23. abdel halim ali
24. abdelaziz ali guechi
25. abdelbaset ali mohmed al megrahi
26. abdelmalek ali messaoud
27. abdilqadir ali omar
28. abdinasir ali hassan
29. abdirahman ahmed ali tuur
30. abdirashid ali shermarke
31. abdisamad ali shire
32. abdiweli ibrahim ali sheikh muudey
33. abdiweli mohamed ali
34. abdol-ali mirza farman farmaian
35. abdol ali badrei
36. abdol ali mirza farman farmaian
37. abdu ali
38. abdu ali abdul rahman
39. abdu ali al haji sharqawi
40. abdul-latif ali al-mayah
41. abdul ali
42. abdul ali lalu
43. abdul ali malik
44. abdul ali mazari
45. abdul ali mustaghni
46. abdul aziz abdullah ali al suadi
47. abdul azizi ali rahman
48. abdul kadir ali muwaya
49. abdul latif ali al mayah
50. abdulhussain bin ali mirza
51. abdulkadir yahya ali
52. abdulkarim al-ali
53. abdulkarim al ali
54. abdullah ali
55. abdullah ali saei
56. abdullah ali shah
57. abdullah ali sultan
58. abdullah bin ali al rashid
59. abdullah bin ali al thani
60. abdullah bin ali al uyuni
61. abdullah bin khalid bin ali al khalifa
62. abdullah ibn ali ibn abi talib
63. abdullah pasha ibn ali
64. abdullah yusuf ali
65. abdullahi ali mohamed
66. abdulqader ali
67. abgar ali akbar armani
68. abid ali
69. abid ali jaferbhai
70. abid sher ali
71. abiy ahmed ali
72. abu'l-fawaris ahmad ibn ali
73. abu'l-hasan al-hasan ibn ali
74. abu'l-hasan ali ibn al-furat
75. abu'l-hasan ali ibn al-ikhshid
76. abu'l-hasan ali of granada
77. abu'l-qasim ali ibn al-hasan al-kalbi
78. abu-l-hasan ali ibn ruburtayr
79. abu al-faraj ali
80. abu al-faraj ali of esfahan
81. abu al-hasan abu hasan ali ibn muhammad
82. abu al-hasan ali
83. abu al-hasan ali al-jaznai
84. abu al-hasan ali ibn muhammad al-samarri
85. abu al-hasan ali ibn othman
86. abu al fadl jafar ibn ali al dimashqi
87. abu al faraj ali
88. abu al faraj ali of esfahan
89. abu al hasan abu hasan ali ibn muhammad
90. abu al hasan ali
91. abu al hasan ali al jaznai
92. abu al hasan ali al masudi
93. abu al hasan ali ibn muhammad al samarri
94. abu al hasan ali ibn othman
95. abu ali airport
96. abu ali al-anbari
97. abu ali al-farisi
98. abu ali al-hasan al-marrakushi
99. abu ali al-hasan ibn al-haytham
100. Abu Ali Al-husain Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina

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