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101. price-to-innovation-adjusted earnings
102. price level adjusted mortgage
103. price to innovation adjusted earnings
104. quality-adjusted life-year
105. quality-adjusted life year
106. quality-adjusted life years
107. quality-adjusted life yr
108. quality adjusted life year
109. quality adjusted life years
110. quality adjusted life yr
111. rate-adjusted mortality index
112. rate adjusted mortality index
113. re-adjusted
114. re adjusted
115. return on risk-adjusted capital - rorac
116. return on risk adjusted capital rorac
117. risk-adjusted discount rate
118. risk-adjusted performance
119. risk-adjusted profitability
120. risk-adjusted return
121. risk-adjusted return on capital
122. risk-adjusted return on capital - raroc
123. risk adjusted
124. risk adjusted discount rate
125. risk adjusted mortality rate
126. risk adjusted performance
127. risk adjusted profitability
128. risk adjusted return
129. risk adjusted return on capital
130. risk adjusted return on capital raroc
131. runoff adjusted mean annual
132. seasonally adjusted
133. seasonally adjusted annual rate
134. seasonally adjusted annual rate - saar
135. seasonally adjusted annual rate saar
136. seasonally adjusted data
137. severity-adjusted death rate
138. severity adjusted death rate
139. soil-adjusted vegetation index
140. soil adjusted vegetation index
141. split-adjusted
142. split-adjusted price
143. split adjusted
144. split adjusted price
145. voice-operated gain-adjusted device
146. voice operated gain adjusted device
147. well-adjusted
148. well adjusted
149. world war adjusted compensation act

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