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1. 1st academy awards
2. 1st africa movie academy awards
3. 1st british academy film awards
4. 1st british academy games awards
5. 2nd academy awards
6. 2nd africa movie academy awards
7. 2nd british academy film awards
8. 2nd british academy games awards
9. 3rd academy awards
10. 3rd africa movie academy awards
11. 3rd british academy games awards
12. 4th academy awards
13. 4th africa movie academy awards
14. 5th academy awards
15. 5th africa movie academy awards
16. 5th british academy film awards
17. 6th academy awards
18. 6th africa movie academy awards
19. 6th british academy film awards
20. 6th british academy games awards
21. 7th academy awards
22. 7th british academy film awards
23. 7th british academy games awards
24. 7th british academy video games awards
25. 8th academy awards
26. 8th british academy film awards
27. 8th british academy games awards
28. 9th academy awards
29. 9th africa movie academy awards
30. 9th british academy games awards
31. =46rench academy
32. a. philip randolph career academy
33. a.f. mozhaysky military-space academy
34. a.j. moore academy
35. a benefit for maryville academy
36. a philip randolph career academy
37. a private view at the royal academy
38. a report to an academy
39. aarhus academy
40. aarhus art academy
41. abbeville christian academy
42. abbey grange church of england academy
43. abbot academy
44. abbs cross academy and arts college
45. abcmouse.com early learning academy
46. abcmousecom early learning academy
47. aberdeen f.c. reserves and academy
48. aberdeen fc reserves and academy
49. abingdon male academy
50. abington academy
51. abkhazian regional academy of sciences
52. aboyne academy
53. abramson sci academy
54. aca women's cricket academy ground
55. aca womens cricket academy ground
56. academicians of the royal academy
57. academy
58. academy and college of philadelphia
59. academy aperture
60. academy at central
61. academy at palumbo
62. academy at penguin hall
63. academy at shotton hall
64. academy at swift river
65. academy at the lakes
66. Academy Award
67. academy award for adapted screenplay
68. academy award for animated short film
69. academy award for best actor
70. academy award for best actress
71. academy award for best animated feature
72. academy award for best animated short
73. academy award for best art direction
74. academy award for best cinematography
75. academy award for best costume design
76. academy award for best dance direction
77. academy award for best director
78. academy award for best film
79. academy award for best film editing
80. academy award for best foreign film
81. academy award for best makeup
82. academy award for best music
83. academy award for best original musical
84. academy award for best original score
85. academy award for best original song
86. academy award for best picture
87. academy award for best production design
88. academy award for best song
89. academy award for best sound
90. academy award for best sound editing
91. academy award for best sound mixing
92. academy award for best story
93. academy award for best supporting actor
94. academy award for best visual effects
95. academy award for costume design
96. academy award for foreign language film
97. academy award for live action short film
98. academy award for original music score
99. academy award for original screenplay
100. academy award for sound editing

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