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1. cause to stumble
2. i stumble as the crow flies
3. stumble
4. stumble across
5. stumble across/on/onto/upon
6. stumble across/on/upon
7. stumble across/on/upon sth/sb
8. stumble across on onto upon
9. stumble across on upon
10. stumble across on upon sth sb
11. stumble against
12. stumble along
13. stumble and fall
14. stumble into
15. stumble into grace
16. stumble on
17. stumble on someone or something
18. stumble onto
19. stumble out of bed
20. stumble over
21. stumble through
22. stumble upon
23. the stumble
24. three steps and a stumble rule
25. three steps and stumble rule
26. what if i stumble


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