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1. all the hours god sends
2. direct sends
3. sends
4. sends a message
5. sends about their business
6. sends around
7. sends away
8. sends away for
9. sends away to for
10. sends back
11. sends down
12. sends flying
13. sends for
14. sends for sb
15. sends forth
16. sends in
17. sends off
18. sends off/away for/to sth
19. sends off away for to sth
20. sends off for
21. sends on
22. sends out
23. sends out for
24. sends out for sth
25. sends over
26. sends packing
27. sends round
28. sends sb/sth up
29. sends sb down
30. sends sb in
31. sends sb off
32. sends sb sth up
33. sends sb up
34. sends shivers down someone's spine
35. sends shivers down someones spine
36. sends sth back
37. sends sth in
38. sends sth off
39. sends sth on
40. sends sth out
41. sends to coventry
42. sends to sleep
43. sends up
44. sends word
45. sony sends camera to wrong address


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