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101. 3rd florida infantry
102. 3rd flying training squadron
103. 3rd foot guards
104. 3rd gard
105. 3rd genie awards
106. 3rd globes de cristal award
107. 3rd gma dove awards
108. 3rd golden globe awards
109. 3rd golden raspberry awards
110. 3rd golden rooster awards
111. 3rd golden satellite awards
112. 3rd goya awards
113. 3rd grade
114. 3rd greek mountain brigade
115. 3rd guards airborne division
116. 3rd guards army
117. 3rd guards brigade
118. 3rd guards motor rifle division
119. 3rd guards rifle division
120. 3rd guards spetsnaz brigade
121. 3rd guards tank army
122. 3rd hand
123. 3rd heart sound
124. 3rd helpmann awards
125. 3rd hong kong film awards
126. 3rd hum awards
127. 3rd id
128. 3rd iheartradio music awards
129. 3rd iifa awards
130. 3rd independent spirit awards
131. 3rd indian infantry division
132. 3rd indian motor brigade
133. 3rd indie soap awards
134. 3rd indonesian choice awards
135. 3rd infantry brigade
136. 3rd infantry division
137. 3rd international emmy awards
138. 3rd irish film & television awards
139. 3rd japan film professional awards
140. 3rd jebtsundamba khutughtu
141. 3rd korea drama awards
142. 3rd laad battalion
143. 3rd lahore divisional area
144. 3rd lambda literary awards
145. 3rd land force brigade
146. 3rd landwehr division
147. 3rd law of thermodynamics
148. 3rd legion tercio don juan de austria
149. 3rd legions infantry division
150. 3rd legislative district
151. 3rd light armoured brigade
152. 3rd light division
153. 3rd light horse brigade
154. 3rd logistical command
155. 3rd love paradise
156. 3rd low altitude air defense battalion
157. 3rd luftwaffe field division
158. 3rd lux style awards
159. 3rd madras native infantry
160. 3rd magritte awards
161. 3rd maneuver enhancement brigade
162. 3rd mardiv
163. 3rd marine brigade
164. 3rd marine division
165. 3rd marine expeditionary force
166. 3rd marine raider battalion
167. 3rd maryland regiment
168. 3rd maryland volunteer infantry
169. 3rd mechanised brigade
170. 3rd mechanised corps
171. 3rd mechanised division
172. 3rd mechanized corps
173. 3rd mechanized infantry brigade
174. 3rd medical battalion
175. 3rd medical command
176. 3rd meridian
177. 3rd meridian east
178. 3rd military district
179. 3rd missile brigade aquileia
180. 3rd mixed brigade
181. 3rd moscow communist rifle division
182. 3rd motor rifle division
183. 3rd mountain brigade
184. 3rd mountain division
185. 3rd mountain infantry division ravenna
186. 3rd narmada bridge
187. 3rd national film awards
188. 3rd national television awards
189. 3rd naval district
190. 3rd new zealand division
191. 3rd new zealand parliament
192. 3rd north carolina mounted infantry
193. 3rd ordnance battalion
194. 3rd oto awards
195. 3rd pakistan media awards
196. 3rd panzer brigade
197. 3rd panzer division
198. 3rd panzergrenadier division
199. 3rd parachute brigade
200. 3rd parachute division

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